Soft Fall

Children’s play structures and equipment should not only be fun and enjoyable to use, but they must also help prevent injury from falls. While all of Aarons Educational Play Equipment meet Australian standards for construction, you should also consider the following safety recommendations when designing your play area.

Let our experts help you plan your play area to include these important components.

Safe Fall Zones & Impact Areas

For any points on your equipment where a potential fall may be over 600mm, a 1500mm clearance zone is required from all points of equipment.

Keeping the children in mind, Aarons Landscaping recommends a clearance area this size at all times. Additional clearance areas are needed around specialized equipment, such as slides, which require a 2000mm clearance zone. These clearance areas ensure children won’t sustain an unnecessary injury in case of a fall, and provide ample room to assist a child in case of injury.

The materials used to create safe fall zones include sand, soft fall mulch, and rubber surfacing. All of our materials are high quality and come with professional installation and support.


For play equipment which causes a forced movement, like swings and slides, or around any equipment with a fall height of over 600mm, you are required to provide an attenuating surfacing over the entire impact area.

Attenuating surfaces cushion impact and spread the force of any fall over a greater area. This will help prevent major injury and lessen the impact on a child of any type of fall. At Aarons Landscaping, we recommend a minimum of 250mm of compacted loose fill under play structures to meet this safety standard. Loose fill material, usually soft fall and sand, must have an impact absorbing certificate, and we can help ensure your loose fill meets all safety standards.

Another option to loose fill is rubber surfacing, which has an Impact Attenuating Rating determined by the thickness of the rubber used. We recommended that loose fill or synthetic grass be installed on top of rubber surfaces near slides, swings and other forced-movement play equipment.

    • Rubber Surfacing

      Need to make sure your Early Learning Centre’s play area is safe? Why not consider installing Aarons Landscaping’s rubber surfacing? Rubber surfaces have been shown to prevent injury, particularly serious head injuries, from falls. They are also virtually maintenance free and promote better drainage under your play equipment.

      Our rubber surfaces come in a variety of colours, so there is sure to be surfacing that suits your Early Learning Centre. Learn more about why rubber surfacing could be the right choice for you.

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    • Soft Fall Mulch

      Perfect for outdoor use, soft fall mulch is an effective way to lower the risk of children’s injuries while playing on outdoor equipment. Soft fall mulch adds another layer of cushioning, softening any falls that may occur. Mulch and other soft fall materials help absorb the impact from any type of fall or blow, thus lessening the impact’s harm to the child.

      Made from wood chips and designed to improve drainage and look attractive, soft fall mulch is the perfect addition to your play structure. This environmentally-friendly choice comes in many options. Learn more about how soft fall mulch can improve your Early Learning Centre.

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