Soft Fall Mulch

Aarons Landscaping understands the importance of safety, that’s why we specialise in soft fall mulch.

Need to provide a natural looking undersurface? Soft fall mulch could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Perfect for outdoor use, soft fall mulch is an effective way to lower the risk of a child being injured while outdoors or enjoying play equipment. Soft fall mulch adds another layer of cushioning, softening any falls that may occur.

Why should you consider using soft fall mulch?

  • Cost: soft fall mulch has a low initial cost, making it a cost-effective option for your play area.
  • Natural look: rather than using a rubber surface, soft fall mulch will compliment your outdoor area and give it a natural look and feel.
  • Install: need a quick and easy solution? Soft fall mulch is readily available¬†and is easy to install. It won’t take a crew the entire weekend to make your play area safe.
  • Handling: Aarons Landscaping’s soft fall mulch is quality controlled, so it is safe to handle, and will not stain any clothing.
  • Long lasting: you won’t have to worry about constantly buying new mulch – your soft fall mulch will last for years.
  • Safety standards: all of our surfacing materials meet the Australian standards.

Aarons Landscaping’s soft fall mulch meets the Australian Standards for Playground Safety.