Aarons Landscaping can create sandpits, which are the perfect accessory for your kindergarten, childcare centre, or Early Learning Centre. Sandpits create open-ended opportunities for students to explore, learn, and investigate on their own as well as interact with and learn from one another. If your Early Learning Centre doesn’t have a sandpit yet, what are you waiting for?

Our sandpits are extremely durable and are able to handle extreme weather conditions. We use treated pine for the sandpit frame, so you can rest assured your sandpit will be completely kid friendly. Sandpits can even come with two wooden corner seats.

Benefits of Sandpits in Play Areas

Sandpits encourage imagination

Sandpits are a great way to encourage children to develop their imaginations. Because playing in the sand is open-ended, young ones can not only play with toys in the sandpit but can also create anything they can imagine – whether that’s buildings, castles, or towns.

Children build social skills

A child playing in a sandpit will get the opportunity to interact with other children. Together, they can discuss what to build, what area of the sandpit to play in, and use their problem-solving skills to answer questions they want to explore. Playing together in a safe and monitored space is a great way for young children to develop those important social skills.

Sandpits promote physical development

While playing in a sandpit, children will often undertake tasks such as digging and scooping, as well as running, squatting and kneeling. This all helps to develop physical skills such as hand-eye coordination and muscle control.

Sandpits promote learning

As young children play and explore in the sand, they learn and internalize many new concepts about the world around them, including ideas from maths, science, and ecology. With guidance and tools, students can explore topics from many areas of the curriculum.

Sandpits encourage outdoor play

Spending time in an outdoor sandpit is a great opportunity to get young children out in the fresh air and exploring their natural world.



Adding a sandpit to your outdoor play space is an ideal opportunity to promote the growth and development of your young students. Sand play is a safe and inviting way to learn that is also fun and overwhelmingly positive for children of all ages.

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