Rubber Surfacing

Aarons Landscaping’s specialists know everything there is to know about children’s outdoor safety, which is why we offer rubber surfacing for your outdoor play area.

Rubber surfaces improve the safety and beauty of your outdoor play area. Most playground injuries in young children are the result of falls. Improved safety standards have meant that playgrounds are now safer than ever for children.

Having appropriate surfacing in play areas lowers the risk of injuries, particularly serious head injuries. One of the best options for your playground surface is rubber surfacing. Rubber surfacing is a poured-in-place product made of rubber and polyurethane. This weather-resistant surface creates a shock-absorption layer in and around play areas, swimming pools, water parks, and schools.

If your Early Learning Centre has an outdoor play area, the addition of a rubber surface may be perfect for you. Aarons Landscaping can provide you with the best rubber surfacing.

Benefits of Rubber Surfacing in Playgrounds

Consider the following reasons you may want to select a rubber surface for your play area:


Aarons Landscaping Rubber Surfacing meets the rigorous Australian Safety Standards that ensure all play structures promote a safe and healthy outdoor play experience.


Accidents happen, and children will often fall while playing outdoors. Rubber surfacing helps to cushion that fall and prevent any injuries from occurring. Rubber surfacing helps displace the energy from a fall and create less impact on the child, lessening the chance of serious harm.


Rubber surfacing requires very little maintenance meaning kids can spend more time on the playground, and you can spend less time cleaning the area. Very little effort is needed to keep the surface ready for play, even after it rains.


As rubber is still a solid, hard surface, it is suitable for wheelchair access, allowing all children in your Early Learning Centre access to your play area.


Our rubber surfaces come in a number of colours, so there is sure to be one that suits your Early Learning Centre. We can easily create an attractive, fun design that will complement your existing area and personalise your play structure.


Rubber absorbs sound rather than reflects it, which means your rubber surface can help decrease the noise created in your play area.


Our rubber surfaces are proven to last and to withstand all types of weather and temperatures. Rubber surfaces maintain their shape and structure over time, and, with proper maintenance can last a very long time.



Outdoor play is so important to the physical, cognitive, and social development of young children. Outdoor play promotes creativity, appreciation for nature, social interaction and engagement, and much more. We want to help you create a safe and inviting area for your young students. Contact us today to learn more.

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