If you are looking for some inspiration on how to utilise your play area at your Early Learning Centre, here are some of the projects Aarons Landscaping have already completed around Australia.

  • Reservoir

    At Reservoir Childcare Centre, Aarons Landscaping happily provided both outdoor and indoor spaces that children love. With limited outdoor space, we were still able to install a cubby house, where kids are immersed into imagination as soon as they step into the bridge into the area with the house and garden area.

    At the other end, we installed a play track for cycling around as well as a play area in the middle. There was also space for a basketball hoop for social games.

    With our artificial grass, the indoor play area was just as bright and fun as the outdoor. This allows the children to play in inclement weather but still get that outdoor feel.

    The indoor sandpit with thatched roof really was a focal point. Kids can walk along the decking or choose to get into the sand. The brightly coloured sheds dotting along the wall really made for a beach feel, and gave staff plenty of places to store play equipment.

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  • Wyndham Vale

    Wyndham Vale really wanted to inject pops of colour in their play area, which they did with vibrant tents that provided shelter to the sandpit and elevated cubby house. This helps protect the structure from the harsh Australian sun, so it’s not too hot to play on.

    They chose to have a slide and climbing wall attached to the elevated cubby houses to make things more interesting. Wyndham Vale also has a ground level cubby house that is attached to a gazebo.

    In addition to those, we also put in a play boat, covered with a bright sail ready to explore the seas. There is a lot here to help kids with their creative and imaginative play, crucial to development.

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  • Laverton

    Amiga Montessori Laverton benefitted from a large sensory area, including textured pathways, decking and a big sandpit where several children can play together.

    It’s covered by one of our large, vibrant tents to keep the sand cool in the sun.

    Another tent covers elevated cubby houses, where kids can climb on the climbing wall, ladder or ropes to get in and take the slide as the fun way down to do it all over again.

    An African Thatch sits in the corner, offering a peaceful setting with sensory pathways and bridge.

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  • Green Valley

    Our project at Green Valley incorporates several of our features to combine a fun play area with a calming garden setting.

    The open-air gazebo house is elevated so kids can climb up using the climbing wall or ladder and slide back down. It is quite large so several kids can be up there at once and play together.

    Another aspect of this play area at Green Valley is the rock garden that resembles a boat dock with a boat. Decking is added to be like a pier.

    At the end, kids can step down into the boat and relax on the benches, surrounded by light coloured rocks to resemble the water. This is a chance to be creative and use the imagination in a fun yet more calming area. On the opposite end of the boat pier is a sandpit, completing this beach look.

    Planter boxes have been used to separate areas and add a natural feel. Large areas have been covered with a few brightly coloured tent coverings.

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  • Rowville

    Rowville was such a fun and unique area to work on! They combined sensory and natural playscapes for a great look and atmosphere. Fencing separates the two main areas.

    In one area, a ramp (incorporated with the artificial grass to match the surrounding area) leads up to two sandpits.

    On either side of the ramp are cuts of round tree trunks adding to the natural look. You will also find plenty of planter boxes in this area filled with various plants and shrubs.

    On the other side is the playground area. Artifical grass covers the majority of the area aside from the middle with island patches of artificial grass surrounding a large planter box really stands out.

    There is another large sandpit that has a lot of natural rock on two sides. An elevated cubby house provides a play area on two levels. The gazebo is surrounded by patches of different types of walkways from wood and different types of stone.

    This is really an oasis for kids and nothing else quite like it!

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  • Helensvale QLD

    Helensvale has a lot of open green space on our artificial grass along with sandpits and a large double cubby house.

    There are garden beds where small trees and shrubs are planted to add to that natural feel.

    A large sandpit area sits in one corner with decking for those who don’t want to get completely into the sand! The area is covered too, making a cooler area to enjoy.

    Along the fencing is another sandy area with cut tree trunks for kids to walk and balance on. The sand is there just in case! Then they’re met with a rope bridge, making a fun relay course to run through.

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  • Aspire Early Education Cranbourne

    Cranbourne has a large open space, with the majority of the space covered in artificial grass.

    Partially covered sandpits provide separate areas of fun for the children attending Aspire Early Education!

    Around the perimeter of the space are smaller plants and shrubs, nestled inside plant boxes. Throughout the space, one can also find two, small Japanese-style bridges, spanning smooth, stone ponds.

    Finally, a small race-track style concrete path is provided for the children wishing to race. This path is located right next too one of the many playground pieces equipped with roofs and some even having small slides!

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  • Springwood

    Aarons Landscaping had the pleasure of creating a brand new outdoor space for Bright Future Early Learning Centre in Springwood.

    This large open space allowed for the Aarons Landscaping team to create a stimulating, exciting, and engaging area which includes sandy areas, cubby houses, bridges and much more!

    Several cubby houses in the yard give kids a variety of areas to play in, whilst also providing cool, shady areas to stay safe in the sun.

    The inclusion of shrubberies, soft fall mulch, and artificial grass gives this space a natural feel whilst also being a safe environment for kids to explore and play.


  • Little Giants Childcare, Killara

    This fantastic childcare centre in Killara, NSW, had lots of open spaces for the Aarons Landscaping team to create a variety of areas for children to play and explore the outside area.

    A large cubby house with climbing areas, imaginative play equipment, and slides give children a stimulating and fun space to play.

    The inclusion of a large pirate ship to the outdoor area, complete with multiples telescopes, slide, and boat wheel, allow kids to sail the high seas in safety and style!

    Paths, artificial grass, and shrubbery sculpt the layout of the outdoor area consequently creates a safe and natural landscape for children’s play and development.

  • Other Projects

    Aarons Landscaping has had the pleasure of creating some other really unique landscapes, including a Wild West theme with mulch pathways, artificial grass, and rock beds with a wooden wagon.

    With smaller areas, we have added just sandpits, but jazzed it up with thatched roofs and decking, surrounded by artificial grass to brighten up the area and planter boxes along the edge.

    This makes for a nice cool area that can be fit in even the smallest of outdoor play areas to add something fantastic that most kids enjoy.

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We’re proud to say that Aarons Landscaping has brought a lot of joy to children across Australia with the fun play areas we’ve installed. If your Early Learning Centre could benefit from a revived playground give our friendly team a call to discuss how we can get started and bring your ideas to life.

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