Play Tracks and Courts

Looking to expand your play area? Aarons Landscaping can help by installing some play tracks or courts.


Encourage children to spend more time outdoors and playing together with play tracks and courts.

There are countless benefits that play tracks and courts offer children. For example, playing activities on courts teach children:

• Social skills: Sporting activities, particularly those involving teams, teach children how to interact with each other and work together as a team to achieve a goal. Children are able to learn the importance of communication and teamwork.

• How to follow authority: Playing team sports on a court often involves rules given by a teacher or parent. Children can learn how to follow rules and to respect authority.

• Sportsman behaviour: Getting children to play games that involve rules and an eventual winner teaches children how to both graciously win as well as lose.

• Physical skills: Getting kids to play outdoors and be active on the courts builds a child’s physical skills. Being active not only builds physical fitness but develops hand-eye coordination and fine- and gross-motor skills.

• Friendship: Playing sports with others is a bonding experience. Children on sports teams make new friends and share a common goal which they work toward together.

• Self-confidence: Sports allows children to feel successful as a team member and build confidence as an athlete.

• Develop healthy habits: Starting a child in an organized sport gives them a healthy habit of physical activity to see them right through to adulthood and help them ward off many age- and weight-related ailments.

• Improved mental health: Taking part in a sport can greatly improve a child’s sense of self-worth. Whether it is the satisfaction of mastering a dribble or beating a personal best, sports-related exercise enables children to gain confidence in their skills.

Outdoor play is crucial to supporting the development of children’s cognitive and physical development. Outdoor fitness is a wonderful way to encourage a love of activity, promote learning, and instil a love of the outdoors.

Aarons Landscaping can help install the play track or court that is right for your Early Learning Center. All of our products meet Australian Safety Standards, so you can be rest assured they will not only be fun, but safe for your children as well.

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