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Looking to create a fun and interactive space at your Early Learning Centre or maybe even an amazing backyard that will blow your kids mind?

Aarons Landscaping are a team of experienced consultants who are ready to help transform your area!

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Have an outdoor space that is looking a bit worse for wear? Is your centre’s play area underused and unloved? Aarons Landscapes are here to help change that!

We’re all about turning those lifeless areas into vivacious spaces where kids can play safely while enjoying the outdoors and learning. From play tracks and courts to sensory play equipment, your play area can get a total makeover that kids will love.

If it’s your own backyard that needs some renovation, then Aarons Landscaping can turn it into the perfect personal oasis. Check out at all we have to offer to see what Aarons Landscaping can do for you!

  • About Us

    Aarons started 25 years ago out of a love of transforming the look and feel of a backyard to get more use out of it and to start enjoying it again.

    Since then, Aarons has become Australia’s leading manufacturer of backyard products and landscaping. Our exceptional products and services are offered at affordable prices, so everyone can have the chance of enjoying their outdoor spaces again.

    This doesn’t mean you miss out on quality. We only use the highest-grade materials in our products. The timber we use is from sustainable sources on Australian plantations. It is environmentally-friendly and non-arsenic based. We’re experts at what we do, so you can be sure of a product that is designed to last and installed in a safe way.

    Aarons Landscaping is a subsidiary of Aarons Outdoor Living, where we manufacture sheds and studios as well as great outdoor structures for entertaining like Bali Huts, Gazebos and Arbours just to name a few things.

    Aarons Landscaping is completely committed to creating fun spaces for your Early Learning Centre or own backyard.


Aarons Landscaping services cover a wide range of features. This is because we don’t believe in a job half done. We want to leave you with a play area that is completely ready for children to enjoy. Here are some of the services we offer to be able to do that.

Artificial Grass

To have a play area that can be used all year long, choose artificial grass! It looks and feels like the real thing. Our artificial grass is low-maintenance and comes with a 10-year warranty.

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Soft Fall Areas

Safety is always paramount in any Early Learning Centre, and to be able to let the kids enjoy the outdoor area, the proper safety steps must be taken. This includes soft fall areas just in case there are any slips, trips or falls. We offer rubber surfacing and soft fall mulch for cushioning to help prevent injury.

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Sensory Play Areas

Having a sensory play area is very beneficial to children. It allows them to explore while using fine and gross motor skills. It also encourages imagination and creative play. Pair it up with one of our Natural Playscapes or a Sandpit for even more adventure and learning, all right in the safety of the play area!

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Play Tracks and Courts

Get the kids moving with play tracks and courts dedicated to sports and social games. We can help install the perfect one for the space you have, allowing children to play sports like basketball or ride a tricycle along a track.

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Educational Play Equipment

No play area is complete with equipment, and ours are educational too and designed to promote the development of fine and gross motor skills. All educational play equipment offered by Aarons is certified, and it meets Australian Safety Standards.

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These are only some of the ways Aarons Landscaping can transform your Early Learning Centre. We can offer additional features like bamboo fencing and planter boxes as well, to really add something special. Take a look at our range of features to find what suits your centre.

Residential Range

Landscaping is not limited to just Early Learning Centres! With Aarons Landscaping, you can turn your backyard into a special retreat. We have something for everyone to ensure they’re able to enjoy the backyard again. We can create luscious gardens, including water features. These can be enjoyed while sitting under the Pergola or African Thatch.

Planning a celebration? An Arbour makes a perfect focal point for any event, or you can even have one in the front of the home as a welcoming feature.

If your backyard is a working space, sheds and studios can be built to accommodate your needs and allow for extra space to get on with those hobbies.

Kids will love a landscape job by Aarons too, with our fun and safe play areas for your little ones! Children love our cubby houses, which can grow with the child and turn into a teenage hangout when they’re older. Since they’re built to last, it will still maintain it’s great structure through the years.

Even our canine friends can have their own space.

Check out our whole Residential Range at Aarons Outdoor for some inspiration on what your backyard could look like.

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DIY or Professional Installation

If you choose to add something special to your landscape such as bamboo fencing or a cubby house, then you will receive it as pre-built panels. This is great for any DIYer as it comes with everything you need, down to the galvanised screws that will not rust over and will withstand the test of time.

If DIY isn’t for you, we have a team of professionals that will expertly handle any job.

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  • Put Some Life Back into Your Landscape with Aarons Landscapes

    Creating fun and enjoyable landscapes is our passion here at Aarons Landscapes.

    With our extensive landscaping services and our wide range of different surfacing options, Aarons is your landscaping expert.

    Whatever you need doing to your Early Learning Centre or in your backyard, Aarons Landscaping can get the job done.

    We believe that playgrounds, yards, and gardens should be utilised to their full potential. That is why we’re dedicated to bringing the very best landscaping that suits your needs.

    We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we will have a look at your area and take time to discuss your own ideas for it. If you’re stuck for our ideas, out experts can give advice as to what works with the space you have and budget.

    Give our team a call today to see how we can transform your space into something spectacular.

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    • 25 years experience
    • 25 years experience with outdoor living products to transform your backyard

    • Market leaders
    • Market leaders in design, innovation, quality and finish

    • Australian Owned
    • Australian Owned

    • Highest grade materials
    • Using the Highest grade materials to ensure maximum durability

    • Pre-built panels for D.I.Y
    • Pre-built panels for D.I.Y. or use our professional installation service

    • 12 months limited warranty
    • 12 months limited warranty on our products and workmanship