Soft Fall

All Aarons Educational Play Equipment meet Australian standards, but the following recommendations when designing your play are should be considered.

Safe Fall Zones / Impact Areas

For any fall heights over 600mm, a 1500mm clearance zone is required from all points of equipment. Keeping the children in mind, Aarons recommend this clearance at all times. In addition, a 2000mm clearance is required from any slide exit.


For play equipment which causes a forced movement, i.e. swings and slide, or around any equipment with a fall height over 600mm, attenuating surfacing over the entire impact area is required. A minimum of 250mm of compacted loose fill is recommended. Loose fill material (soft fall and sand) must have an impact absorbing certificate.

All rubber surfacing will have an Impact Attenuating Rating which will determine the thickness of rubber required, based on the fall height. It is recommended that loose fill or synthetic grass is installed on top of rubber surfaces where forced movement is present.

    • Rubber Surfacing

      Need to make sure your Early Learning Centre’s play area is safe? Why not consider installing some Aarons Landscaping rubber surfacing. This is one of the best ways to prevent injury. Our rubber surfaces come in a variety of colours, so there is sure to be surfacing that suits every Early Learning Centre.

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    • Soft Fall Mulch

      Perfect for outdoor use, soft fall mulch is an effective way to lower the risk of a child being injured while outdoors or enjoying play equipment. Soft fall mulch adds another layer of cushioning, softening any falls that may occur.

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