Natural Playscapes

Sometimes kids just want to get away from technology and play equipment, and just enjoy playing outdoors.

Aarons Landscaping’s specialists are experts in creating natural playscapes for play areas in Early Learning Centres. Our natural landscapes give children the opportunity to play in open, grassy areas and amongst trees, shrubs and logs.

Why should you bother installing a natural playscape, instead of, or in addition to, educational play equipment?

Natural playscapes offer children more opportunities to develop gross-motor skills than typical play equipment. In fact, natural playscapes help to develop a child’s cognitive skills, creativity skills, imagination, social skills with both other children and adults, and reduces rates of aggression.

Natural playscapes encourage outdoor play, meaning children are spending less time in front of an electronic device, and more time outdoors in fresh air. It promotes physical activity, rather than sitting indoors.