Landscaping Ideas

Looking to renovate your Early Learning Centre? Aarons Landscaping are the experts who can help.

Need to change the look and feel of your outdoor play area? We have the solutions for you.

Aarons Landscaping offers numerous landscaping options, including bamboo fencing, garden beds and planter boxes, rubber surfacing, soft fall mulch and play tracks and courts.

Contact one of Aarons Landscaping’s friendly staff members today to find out which landscaping options are right for you.


    • Sensory Areas

      Develop children’s development with Aarons Landscaping’s sensory play. Focusing on sensory stimulation allows children to develop crucial skills such as behavioural responses, coordination and gross and fine motor skills, to name a few.

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    • Natural Playscapes

      Encourage children to play outdoors with the installation of Aarons Landscaping natural playscapes. Children will enjoy taking a break from electronic devices and spending time amongst trees, shrubs and logs.

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    • Sandpits

      Aarons Landscaping sandpits are a must have for any Early Learning Centre. Sandpits are a great way to encourage outdoor play, while also developing imaginative, social and physical skills that are crucial in a child’s early years.

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    • Bamboo Fencing

      Add an element of tropical paradise to your outdoor play area with some bamboo fencing. Bamboo can be an excellent feature on its own around play areas. For residents, it can even compliment a Bali Hut or African Thatch, which can be purchased through Aarons Outdoor Living stores.

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    • Play Tracks and Courts

      Looking to expand your play area? Aarons Landscaping can help by installing some play tracks or courts. Spending time playing outdoors on play courts encourages children’s physical fitness, as well as builds their social skills.

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    • Garden Beds and Planter Boxes

      Transform the aesthetic appeal of your Early Learning Centre by installing a garden bed or planter boxes. Both adults and children will enjoy spending time outdoors and amongst nature. Aarons Landscaping can work with your Early Learning Centre to design the perfect garden bed or planter boxes for you.

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    • Paths and Creek Beds

      Aarons Landscaping can help you achieve that wow factor by installing paths and creek beds at your Early Learning Centre. Paths are a great opportunity to break up your play area into smaller sections. Creek beds can be installed with water, or can be more decorative and installed dry.

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