Bamboo Fencing

Aarons Landscaping Bamboo is the perfect way to add a bit of elegance to your outdoor play area.

Once you’ve installed a bamboo fence, you’ll help create a tropical paradise for the kids to be pirates and sea captains, without having to leave the Centre. Bamboo can be a great feature on its own, as fencing around play areas, or even compliment a Bali Hut or African Thatch – all which can be purchased from Aarons Outdoor Living stores.

Aarons bamboo is sourced from Bali and is the highest quality grade available. Our bamboo panels come in a range of sizes, so there is sure to be bamboo that will fit your needs.

Aarons Bamboo Panels

Aarons Landscaping imports the best quality bamboo, so you can be sure your investment will last a lifetime.

We offer 4 bamboo heights, so our bamboo can be used for any fence or feature design.We can even include customisable extras, such as timber railings. Get in contact with one of our landscaping experts today to find out more about our bamboo fencing.

Bamboo Protector & Rejuvenator

When you’re investing in a bamboo fence, you want to make sure it’s protected. To do this, you’ll need the Bamboo Protector & Rejuvenator. This will protect your bamboo and help to maintain its natural colour. The Bamboo Protector & Rejuvenator replaces the natural oils that are lost through weathering. Depending on the dryness of your bamboo, 1 litre will cover approximately 8 – 16 square metres of bamboo.

Before you apply the Bamboo Protector & Rejuvenator, make sure to clean the bamboo and remove all dirt, dust and oils. Once the bamboo is dry, spray or brush a thin layer onto the surface. After 24 hours, test a section of the bamboo with another layer. If the second coat is absorbed, the bamboo will need a second layer. If the test area is tacky, your bamboo will not need a second coat.

You can purchase a 4 litre can of Bamboo Protector & Rejuvenator from Aarons Landscaping.